Stay EP

by Chase This City

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The Stay EP was recorded in 2008 by Zach Keenum alone. It'll Be Alright was recorded in Zach's bedroom with a cheap M-Audio preamp, Adobe Audition and two MXL condensers. The other two songs were recorded in Patrick McAnulty's basement. Not bad.


released August 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Chase This City Marengo

Five guys from a rural Chicagoland hole, just trying to make honest tunes. Thanks for listening.

-Zach, Joe, Wil, Kieran, Red

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Track Name: Stay
Just so you know
You're the one and only reason
I haven't left this dead-end town
Not that the others aren't important
But compared to you
They're always letting me down
And yes I do know what I am missing
I still want to get out of here
Sometime soon
But it's the presence of you
That keeps me from regretting this year

If you don't know what to say
Don't say anything at all
Just know I made my own mistake
I took a risk and took a fall
Now these walls are closing in
And as I'm trying to escape
I'm so afraid this time away
Has pulled the life from me

So maybe you could stay
For just a few more days
You mean so much to me
It's hard to even explain

When you're gone I'll fall asleep by your picture
Although it's never near enough
I'll sing this song when I am dying
And I'll hold it close when times get tough

Singing whoa oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh (x2)

Any time you need me
You know that I'll be here
I'll try my best to help you
and I'll wipe away those tears
And all that I ask in return
Is just stay by my side
I'll forgive your weaknesses
If you look past mine
Track Name: It'll Be Alright
Sometimes it's overwhelming
The feeling that I get
From this room, and the people that surround me
These little things don't matter yet, but they will
Come tomorrow morning
I'll wake up feeling careless
Phone battery's dead, there's a number on my left hand
It says, "Call me when you wake up", and I feel

It's times like these when you realize
That everything is gonna be alright

There's a hole in my pocket
Telling me I'm broke
I shrug my shoulders and dig out a guitar pick
I get paid in a week or so
"Spend some time with me", she said
It's the one thing that stays limitless
We're in love with the lives we have
And for now, that's just enough

It's times like these when you realize
That everything is gonna be alright

I'm walking alone
It's almost just right
Just pick up the phone
Come with me tonight

It's times like these when you realize
That everything is gonna be alright
I can tell by the way that you look me in the eye
That everything is gonna be alright

It'll be alright
Track Name: Own the Town
There's a party on tonight
But it ain't as cool as us, no
Cause we've got our game faces on
All the time
You know we mean business
And we won't stop 'til we get it

I hope you know you mean the most
With our luck I think we all know

Tonight we own the town
We'll show this city just what we're made of
Tonight could be our night
Let's show these people just what we're made of

She's the one across the room
With the walnut brown hair
You've been staring down for hours
You look there, she looks back
You feel the butterflies attack
[Both] Don't we all feel invincible?

Here's to good company
Won't you drink to that?
Here's to the friends that last forever
Oh yeah, I'll drink to that

This is the night we take back for good
Hold your drinks in the air like you know you should
This is our town, this is our town
Feel the words you're singing out
Shout out loud when I say
This is our town, this is our town